Nº 71 - Ceramic Wear Resistant Piping

Ceramic Anti-Wear Curves!
At SuperPower® Group we manufacture ceramic elbows and bends for installations with high abrasiveness. They are valid for both pneumatic and hydraulic conveying. We manufacture pipes from 25 mm. internal diameter, up to 600 mm. and radii from 250 to 2.000 mm., at 15º, 30º, 45º, 60º and 90º of opening, with fixed or loose flanges with collar, according to installation needs.
Adaptable to your installation!
The priority we give priority for a good operation of any installation is to maintain the existing internal diameters, thus avoiding clogging or premature wear due to cavitation. For this purpose, we adapt to the external diameter of your existing piping, by means of flanges adapted to your installation.

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