1. These conditions are incorporated into the budget of which they form an inseparable part, and must be complied with in their entirety.
  2. SUPER POWER GLOBAL, S.L. is responsible for the performance of the budgeted work, taking into account its high reliability and professionalism, with the appropriate qualified personnel.
  3. In return, it presupposes on the part of the customer the obligation to accept the performance of such work.
  4. The materials invested, as well as labor and other expenses inherent to an order cancelled, either totally or partially, shall be borne by the customer.
  5. Acceptance of the offer implies acceptance by the customer of the offer in all its terms.
  6. The execution deadlines are always without prejudice to any delays that may occur due to unforeseen events and/or actions or omissions of third parties, such as delays in receiving the materials, delays in travel, or delays in providing SUPER POWER GLOBAL, S.L. with the means to be provided by the client.
  7. The start of the work is established depending on the availability at the time of making the offer so that at the time of acceptance of the same by the customer this should consult with SUPER POWER GLOBAL, S.L. if it remains the same or on the contrary and due to the entry of new orders this has to undergo some change.
  8. Bearing in mind that the most important item of the budget is destined to the payment of the salaries of the employees involved in the execution of the budget, as well as their travel allowances, in each case, compliance with the payment is an elementary part of the commitment acquired by the parties. For this reason SUPER POWER GLOBAL, S.L. may at any time during the execution of the estimate demand from the client an amount on account, this being 30% of the value of the offer, including shipping costs to the destination. When the work is done by administration, and a guarantee has been issued for a lump sum, the client must complete it at the request of SUPER POWER GLOBAL, S.L. for the amounts that are close to the final amount of the work.
  9. In the offers of custom-made products or of significant values, we will inform of a percentage of advance payment on the total value, for the beginning of the work in case of order. The receipt of the order will be notified by our confirmation and the delivery time of the supply will be valid from the effective receipt (value date) of the funds in the bank account informed in the invoice generated for this concept.
  10. The supplies will be under clear specification of the customer and/or drawings of the supply to be made. In case of drawings made by Super Power Global, S.L., these must be approved by the customer for the start of manufacturing and the delivery time will be counted from the written conformity of the same.
  11. We understand that any commercial transaction must be subject to good practices and ethics as well as smooth collaboration, for an adequate service and supply.
  12. It is not authorized the entrance in our facilities or manufacturing inspections, until the completion of the order. They may be inspected by the customer or company designated by the same, at the end of the work in our warehouses in Terrassa (Spain).
  13. We reserve the right to refuse orders.
  14. The client must sign and seal the documents accrediting the work carried out as a result of the estimate, as well as the materials used in the same, being indisputable proof of compliance with the obligations assumed by SUPER POWER GLOBAL, S.L.
  15. In the event that the client has doubts as to the goodness of the work carried out by SUPER POWER GLOBAL, S.L. under the budget, he may request the corresponding expert opinion, which will be at his exclusive expense. This will not exempt it from the obligation to pay the invoices and, in any case, it may request a guarantee equivalent to 25% of the total of the invoiced budget, to respond to the damages in which it could be involved if the intervention of SUPER POWER GLOBAL, S.L. is not correct and satisfactory. Non-payment of the invoices will entail the loss of any claim action, without prejudice to the right of SUPER POWER GLOBAL, S.L. to seek legal action for the collection of the unpaid amounts.
  16. The first commercial operations with a new customer (VAT number) who has not worked with us before, will be exclusively by payment prior to the issuance of the order, as a prerequisite for the start of the manufacturing work.
  17. Any warranty against durability of materials is excluded. The warranty is understood to be against manufacturing defects, communicated in writing with certificate of receipt within a maximum period of seven calendar days from receipt at the customer's warehouse.
  18. Excluded from these conditions are all failures caused by mishandling, damage, improper use and lack of maintenance.
  19. SUPER POWER GLOBAL, S.L. does not issue guarantees of any nature and under any circumstances. In case of receiving an order with this condition, it will be rejected and not accepted immediately.
  20. The parties expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the courts corresponding to the judicial district to which the municipal district of the domicile of SUPER POWER GLOBAL, S.L. is attached, as this is where its intervention has been agreed.
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